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Die 2AK im Englisch-Camp

Native Speaker Camp 2015

During the last week of our second year, from July 6 to 9, we participated in a sport camp that was supervised by two amazing native speakers, Harry and James.

We stayed in the beautiful JUFA Fürstenfeld resort, where we spent the afternoons learning English. In our English lessons we discussed a wide range of topics, including Business English. We also played a few fun games, like "Werewolf" and a few quite physically demanding activities, like "Dragon Egg".

The first few days were very sunny and hot, which is why we went to the public swimming pool in the afternoon. However, on the third day, the weather changed drastically. A storm raged in Fürstenfeld. Since the swimming pool was out of the question, we had the chance to go on a shopping spree in the nearby town. In the evening, we had a party and received our certificates.

On the fourth and final day, we visited the chocolate factory "Zotter", which produces organic, Fair Trade chocolate. Our tour started with a very informative short film. Then we had the chance to taste the products, from cocoa beans to the finished chocolate bars, and see a few stages of production ourselves. The trip was a lot of fun and helped us bond even more.

Julia Frager